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At SeoulMade Plastic Surgery Consultantancy, we specialize in Korean plastic surgery procedures. For years, we have been working with popular and best-of-the-best cosmetic surgery hospitals in Korea, giving you the best doctors with the best price that suits your tailor-made needs.

No more doubts on selecting hospitals or docotrs. All you need is a flight ticket, SeoulMade is here for you. Your carefree beauty trip in Korea.

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The Trustworthy Consultants for Plastic Surgery.

We want to bring out the best in you.

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Best VIP Customized plans

Everyone has their standards and desires to their expected beauty outcomes (Natural, Photogenic or Korean-looking etc.) and SeoulMade offers VIP customized plans for every customer.

It is our guarantee to offer all tailor-made services:

  • VIP Beauty Consultations with Consultants and Doctors in Korea

  • Best Hospitals to Match Up with Your Style and Beauty Expectations

  • 100% Safe Surgergical Procedures with Reputated Korean Surgeons

  • 24/7 hours Post-Operation Support

  • VIP 1-to-1 Customer Follow-up services(after patients return to home country)


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