South Korea is recognized as the third largest plastic surgery market in the world, after the United States and Brazil.Annual turnover accounts for nearly 25 % of the global market, with a record of 650,000 operations per year. There is growing interest in rhinoplasty, liposuction procedures, and double-jaw (orthognathic) surgery worldwide. As most of us know that South Korea is known for its top beauty surgery skills. Korean cosmetic technology is excellent compared to other regions in the world, and there are many hospitals with great surgeons who can create attractive outcomes.

What if you want to go to South Korea for cosmetic surgery? These are the common problems that you might encounter when planning for a medical tour trip to Korea:

  • It’s not just a trip for sightseeing. What processes and procedures are needed?

  • What kind of visa is more convenient for going to Korea for cosmetic surgery?

  • How does the transportation work in Korea?

  • Will there be any professionals accompany me when I am in Korea?

  • Which hospital or surgeon has the same aesthetic style as me?

  • How does the surgeon know what I really want?

  • Will there be any professional translators or interpreters to help?

  • Are they over-charging me?

  • Who can take care of me while I am recovering in my hotel?

  • What am I going to do if I want to pay in cash, but I haven’t changed enough Korean won?

If you are alone for plastic surgery in South Korea, you may encounter various problems, which will affect you in different ways.

So this is why SeoulMade was established. We want our motto to go around our loyal customers – “Flight ticket is all you need for plastic surgery in Korea” . With our international team members located in Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, we are an enthusiastic cooperation here to help beauty-lovers to seek their satisfying surgical outcome under safe and painless operation procedures.

  • Working with the top-class hospitals in Korea

  • 100% professional and experienced surgeons in Korea

  • Professional translators who can speak English, Chinese, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese.

  • 24/7 pre and post-surgery support

  • VIP 1-to-1 customer services with experience surgery consultants

  • Online initial overseas consultations

  • Warm and helpful staffs to take care of you from head to toe

From pre-consultation, hospital selection and appointment, medical record translation, to late translation of foreign documents, visa application, travel arrangements, we will have our professional consultants to serve you with VIP service. During the period of treatment abroad, we will send professionals to translate and your questions can be answered immediately.

Through our profession, you can shorten the time course of getting treatment, eliminating the unnecessary complexity and allowing you to focus on treatment and recovery.

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