The motto of SeoulMade is simple, “If you need a safe and satisfying plastic surgery in Korea, you only need an airplane ticket and Seoulmade will handle the rest for you.”

Indeed Korea is very famous among the world for the extraordinary skills of plastic surgery. However, in the past 10 years, there have been a lot of patients reporting unsatisfying results, medical side-effects or even over-charging etc.

So, despite its reputation of high-quality skills and surgeons, for customers, it sometimes can be very confusing and we are sure no one wants to gamble their faces and bodies on these inaccurate information.

For SeoulMade, we want to make your surgery your one last time, so you can live a wonderful life with a whole new and beautiful you with no side effects.

So to start with, you can send your photos to our professional consultants online. Our team is highly responsive and 24 hours available.

  • Our consultants will give you full privacy and conduct 1-to-1 VIP professional consultation with you (via our official SeoulMade Wechat, Facebook Page, Instagram, Email, Twitter or Line). In the initial consultation, you can freely tell our consultants your needs, worries and also expected outcomes so our consultants can give you the most accurate and suitable advices to you. We will mark down your requests and conditions.
  • You can also submit a brief medical record for further analysis. Your medical records include, for example, X-rays, computed tomography, past medical prescriptions and current doctor's health reports. In addition to your medical records, we also need to know more about your current health status and the preferred type of care, treatment budget, travel and stay time, and other leisure options that are relevant to your health.
  • SeoulMade will prepare your travel documents, such as passports and visas, and a complete travel plan. During your medical trip, a professional staff will accompany you. Also, if you are keen, we can send your health status to your loved ones on a regular basis. After you recover, if you want to stay in the local area for in-depth travel, our doctors will consult you about your health and arrange a leisure trip that suits you.
  • As a professional and proficient consultancy, then for the next step, we will contact the most suitable doctors to inform your case to the doctor. The doctors in Korea will then discuss with medical team about your requests and condition. And after everything is settled and decided, then we will ask you to provide your flight details to Korea (after we have informed you the available time slots from the Korea side) You are ready and good to go!

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