For every patient, there will be different post surgery treatments to help facilitate healing after surgery. Examples of post - op care includes infrared-ray healing treatment and hair wash services** from the hospitals.

You will be introduced to a room that emits safe radiation wavelengths of Infrared Light. Infrared rays helps to reduce the swelling of the abrasion and/or stitches from the surgery so as to hasten the recovery. The treatment takes 30minutes to an hour or more, depending on the instructions given by the doctor.

**Services subject to different hospitals.

For the next few days after the surgery, there may be discharge coming out of your wounds. Therefore, wound washing is required to keep the wound sanitized and the discharge under control. Under our VIP Service, there will be a trained staff from SeoulMade that will escort you to the hospital. As there is a trained staff that will accompany you, you will reach the destination without worrying of how to get there despite being under bandages.

  • Professional nurses will tend to your wounds. Washing of wounds is subjected to the severity and types of operation and there may be lesser or more times as advised by the professional doctors.
  • If you should experience any pain or discomfort from after your surgery to before the removal of the stitches in Seoul, you may contact the trained personnels in SeoulMade for further help. As a part of the VIP Service, they will try their best to bring you to the hospitals during their working hours to alleviate your pain by doing an IV jab of painkillers to reduce your discomfort. There may also be a checkup with the doctor for further analysis, if need be.

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