Not sure which implants suits you? Don’t worry SeoulMade is here to help you.The doctors that are closely collaborating with SeoulMade will choose the implants based on the several physical conditions like the shape, size of the breasts and chest structure to create the most ideal volume. Professional surgeons that work with Seoulmade helps to create the ideal volume without being restricted by the width of chest by using various implants of different shapes and materials, such as tear drop-shape , round, micro- texture , and smooth implants.

You will go through the steps below:

  • Thorough and complete medical check-up will be performed before the breast surgery. You will take enough time for consultation with the Korean plastic surgery specialist.
  • Before the Breast Augmentation, you will select the type and size of id micro-texture breast surgery implants, based on the details of the consultation, results of the check-up, and your physical condition.
  • Design is applied to the part undergoing surgery.
  • You will receive follow-up cares including massage and high frequency wave treatment for prompt post-surgical recovery.
  • Customized for Asian Ladies with narrow chest
  • For ladies who wants to create full volume but has narrow chest
  • Most popular type
  • For ladies with normal chest size
  • Wide diameter but flat type
  • For ladies who wish to change the shape of breasts with adequate volume

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular surgery among women around the world. Everyone knows that fuller or more developed breasts will help you to boost your confidence. So, if you have petit breasts or want a bigger bust, SeoulMade can help you regain your confidence.

The size of the breast pocket should be at 120% of the size of implants. This way the implants can move without obstruction and naturally, resulting in the most ideal touch.

SeoulMade will cater the right proportion and shape of breasts to your needs. An example is water drop implant. It helps to portray the shape and line of women’s breast the best. Due to the large contacting surface between tissue and the implant this helps to reduce side effects such as capsular contracture and dislocation. Also its ergonomic design will help it to feel softer despite a lack of skin tissue.

Why Breast Augmentation surgery in Korea?

  1. 120% Dry Pocket -- Desquamates without bleeding

    Pocket into which the breast implants are inserted, gives the most natural texture when 120% of the size of implant is desquamated. Breast Augmentation creates the breasts with the most natural touch. Moreover, the breast procedure via endoscope and prevent the bleeding. It also prevents capsular contracture, brings less pain sensations, and facilitates quick recovery after surgery in Korea.

  2. Tear drop-shaped Y-line

    In order to create beautiful tear drop-shaped Y-line, while maintaining tight and pretty cleavage, it is very important for surgeons to exfoliate thoroughly up to the pectoral muscle. resulting in a very natural and pretty tear drop-shaped Y-line, while maintaining tight cleavage.

  3. Natural volume with appropriate implants

    The breast implants should be chosen based on the physical conditions of the patients such as the shape and size of the breasts, the structure of your chest, and others to create the most ideal volume for every patient. Surgeons working with SeoulMade create the ideal volume without the restrictions by the width of chest by using various implants of different shapes and materials.

SeoulMade’s VIP Care System

In most of the hospitals working with us SeoulMade, is having anti-capsular contracture programs to prevent capsular contractures after breast surgeries and to provide natural feeling of breasts like the original.

After breast surgeries, you can constantly check the breast condition by using the most advanced machines of hospitals at any time.With the VIP support from SeoulMade, you can check the breast structure by ultrasonic examination before the surgery and see the results of regular check-ups after the surgery.When any breast disease is detected, you can still maintain beautiful Y - line and breast health by undergoing other medical surgery at the same time.

Breast Lifting

Breast lifting is another common surgery for moms who gave birth and did breast feeding. Breast lifting can also be used for people with oversized breast and wants a breast reduction together with lifting. So if you have any of the above problems, you can consider a breast lift.

Saggy breasts can be detected based on the line below breasts and location of the nipple. When the nipple lower than the line, it is considered as saggy breasts. Due to many reasons such aging, pregnancy, dieting and many more, firm breasts may slowly become saggy. For the mentioned cases, breast lifting can change saggy breasts to firm breasts by removing fat, breast tissue and excess skin.

Features of Breast Lifting Procedures with SeoulMade

  • Saggy breast correction surgery is a very complicated surgery that requires professional knowledge and a lot of experience from a good surgeon. We promise that you will experience a 100% safe surgery that leaves nearly no scars.
  • Surgeons working with us give you the best results by creating natural and frim breasts.
  • With methods that can create the lease incision, we make sure you can recover quicker and return to your daily life as soon as possible.
  • We also make sure the blood and nerve vessel damage be the lowest so to prevent any side effects.

Revision Breast Surgery

The most common side effect of breast surgeries, Capsular contracture, will develop when internal scar tissue forms inside a tight or constricting capsule around a breast implant, contracting it until it becomes misshapen, hard, and painful, eventually affecting the health of yourself. It can be caused by quite a lot of triggering factors such as excess bleeding, infection, or lack of post-operative implant massages for the breast.

Revision Breast Surgery in Korea is usually operated when you have a capsular contracture, asymmetrical breast shape, or ruptured implant after a breast surgery, or when you’re not happy with the size and shape of your current breasts.

Since Revision Breast Surgery is more difficult than the previous ones, a careful and professional decision should be made so this time will be your last surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to have a skilled consultant to talk to you before moving on to the surgery.

When is a good time for a revision surgery?

  • It is better to have a revision surgery from b after the first surgery – when the shape and breast tissues are settled in.
  • Time for a revision surgery must be estimated differently depending on the physical conditions, and it is recommended to have enough consultation with professional consultants like SeoulMade which specialized in lots of breast plastic surgery and other surgery.
  • The implant can be ruptured or deformed due to a lot of factors depending on individuals, and the surgery might have to be done earlier.

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