In the hospitals closely collaborating with SeoulMade, professional doctors use botulinum(well known as Botox) to achieve wonderful results. When a shot is injected into the skin, the area’s muscle is locally paralyzed. Cosmetic Injections can be used to reduce wrinkles and muscles in various parts of the body such as facial wrinkles or reduction of square jaw muscle. As this is one of the easiest and simple procedure, many people all over the world opts for Botox for a youthful appearance and tighter skin. There are many areas that you can have this injection.

Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead is one of the areas where cosmetic injections show wonderful results and the procedure will remove horizontal and vertical wrinkles. Forehead wrinkles can be caused by frowning, lifting eyes too hard or even by aging. Therefore, injections to the wrinkles is administered to paralyze the muscle to reduce the presence of the wrinkles. The resulting effect is a smooth forehead that does not reveal your age.

Glabella/Nose Wrinkles

Glabella and nose wrinkles caused by frowning which will make you look meaner and older. Wrinkles can be improved with cosmetic injection, and it is important to treat it quickly before it becomes deeper. A quick injection on both sides of the smile lines will help to reduce it from deepening. The resulting outcome would be less obvious smile lines and nose wrinkles making you look younger.

Around/Under Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles around eyes are the ones that will tell your age.. Such wrinkles can be improved significantly by the cosmetic injection.It is very effective towards thin wrinkles, such as crow’s feet or those under-eye areas wrinkles. Injections around such area will quickly flatten the wrinkles and within a week, your eyes will look very much younger with no obvious lines. This is one of the most popular injections amongst people who is of age or people who has aged skin around the eyes.

Square Jaw

As most people eat snacks like nuts and chips, the muscles of our jaws are normally very well developed. Cosmetic Injections in the jaw muscle will help to paralyse the muscles temporarily, therefore make it softer. This will help to soften the appearance of the muscles and lead to a slimmer jawline. After 4-6 months, the muscles will build up again based on dietary habits.

Restylane Filler

Restylane filler is world’s first hyaluronic acid filler and an established filler brand.It is a filler specially for the face that helps to increase volume and tighten facial wrinkles. Restylane is made of a gel with hyaluronic acid. As Restylane’s main ingredient is hyaluronic acid the filler will not irritate the skin and not harm the body.

Types of Filler

At SeoulMade, we use Restylane and Yvoire brand products that are certified to be genuine. Both products have FDA approval from the United States. The fillers used will not leave foreign substance in the body as it will be absorbed. With one procedure you can achieve can get guaranteed results. An addition 1-2 procedures will allow the effect to last for 2-3 years.

Short Surgery Time

Surgery time is only 10-20 minutes, and effects can be checked immediately after the injection. It is a suitable operation for busy contemporary people.

Effective Product with Sufficient Clinical Tests

Restylane has been used for the last 16 years worldwide in over 1.5 million clinical cases. This procedure will not have any effects on your facial expressions and the results will be natural.

Artecoll Filler

Hyaluronic acid fillers last for maximum of 2 year and will be absorbed to the body. Artecoll lasts longer than 10 years. Artecoll can natural and long lasting volume even with just one treatment. Artecoll is made of collagen, PMMA(synthethic bone material) and local anesthetic.

Advantages of Artecoll Filler?

  1. Safe Product Certification

  2. Lasting Effects

  3. Save Money from Touching Up

  4. Short Injection time

  5. No Recovery Time

  6. Promote Collagen Formation

Nose Fillers

If you ever wanted a higher nose or a sharper nose tip, here is a quick solution to your problem. You can opt for nose fillers that will have immediate results. Doctors that work with SeoulMade will help you inject a few mls of certified fillers to enhance your nose to your desire. You can use the filler to fill up gaps that your nose already have, make your nose bridge higher and make your nose tip pointier. It will make you seem like you had rhinoplasty.

Within a few minutes, you can walk out of the hospital with a taller and sharper nose. Due to its simple procedure and short time taken to enhance the nose, this is one of the most popular filler among Asian people , men and women.

Lip Fillers

Many ladies all over the world goes for lip fillers for a fuller lips look. As fuller lips exudes confidence and allure, this is one of the most popular fillers in Asia. Doctors that work with SeoulMade will measure the extent of how much the lips will be enlarged and you will walk out of the clinic with distinctly fuller and sexier lips.

There is little pain to this injection and the lips will feel smooth to the touch. Nobody would be able to tell you had lip fillers as the resulting outcome will be naturally, plump lips.

Love Band Fillers

Aegyo Sal ( which means the fats under the eye) are an indication of a youthful look.This is the most commonly done procedure in Korea for people who wants their eyes to look young and fresh. Doctors will put in 1ml-3ml of fillers in different locations around the undereye to achieve a younger look. This helps to make your eyes look bigger and more refreshed.

Chin Fillers

Many women in Asia wants to achieve the V shaped face look. Chin fillers can be an alternative to achieve this look without a surgery. With a longer and/or sharper chin the proportions of the face will be much better. This will in turn make the other features of the face seems smaller and you will be photo ready at every angle. Candidates for chin tip filler includes, small chin, short or bump chin, crooked chin, rounded chin.

After the fillers, SeoulMade will check up with your condition from 1-2 weeks to see if the fillers are working and if the customers are satisfied. Customer’s satisfaction is our most important core value so we will make you are contented with the results.

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