Have you ever had fats in areas that you can never get rid of ? Or have you ever wanted to get that dream body you always imagined without any exercise ? You can do so now with SeoulMade.We have skilled surgeons in Korea that closely collaborates with us. Doctors will plan a dimensional surgery for an ideal body contouring in South Korea through In - body scans and checks to gather extensive data of your body for body composition analysis.Equipment such as 3D Ultrasound Diagnosis system helps to identify thickness and fats condition in subcutaneous layers that are beneath the skin.


Liposuction is a surgery that makes 0.2 to 0.3cm small incisions in hidden areas around the body to dissolve and retrieve fats. It uses a comprehensive suction with that can rotate 360 degree to remove the highest amount of fat and sculpt a beautiful body. It is very efficient in removing thin layers of fats and fats cells throughout the body for an obvious size reduction on top of creating a slender body line without recurrence. There are various areas of our body that we can extract fats from. Nowadays, liposuction in South Korea, the invisible minor incision would be made for fast recovery to achieve the best satisfaction.

Only fat cells will be melted and removed without causing any damage to surrounding tissue, so there’s not much bleeding. Chances of getting side-effects caused by bleeding (dizziness, swelling, bruises) are reduced.

The surgery can remove thin layers of fat as well as fat cells around the skin areas for a size reduction and maintaining a slim body.

After the surface fat layer is completely separated from its surrounding tissue, a detailed and thorough liposuction is operated to give you a smooth and slim body line without any bumpy areas on your skin.

It operates a thorough liposuction with a 360°turn to remove the maximum amount of fat as possible. Customized suction on different body parts creates a highly satisfying body line.

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is design delicately by our surgeons specialized in plastic surgery with high aesthetical standards. Professional standards from the medical team, working with SeoulMade, does liposuction from variety of surgery. They provide high-level slimming effects that takes your physical balance, body line into consideration and not just a basic liposuction.

For normal body contouring surgery, it is done through liposuction procedures, but there’s a limitation in fixing stretched abdominal walls or lost elasticity caused by pregnancy or drastic weight loss. Tummy Tuck must be carried out for these cases, which is different from the normal way where only skin excision is done. Tummy Tuck in Korea operates liposuction on the body part with excessive fat and removes skin on the stretched area to correct the entire waist line and to create a smooth flat abdomen.

For tummy tucks, there are removal of unnecessary fats on upper body and both sides of the waist. Small incisions are made to the areas to facilitate the suction. After the surgery, you will be able to see a flatter abdomen and pronounced waist line. Additionally, if you have extensively stretched skin or surgical scars from cesarean operation, removal of the skin will enhance the tummy tuck.

  1. Abdomen Design

    We design the abdomen procedure according to each patient’s unnecessary fat and how stretched out the skin is.

  2. Liposuction on both sides of the waist and upper abdomen

    A small incision is made on the lower abdomen, and the overall volume is reduced.

    Tip. Unlike surgeries for other body parts, the fat area is from the front of the belly to the waist and back line, so it’s important to remove the exact amount of fat at one time when doing abdomen surgery.

  3. Abdomen resection on stretched lower belly

    Re-sectioning of the stretched skin and abdominal walls to create a slimmer abdomen.

    And if you do only liposuction surgery on the stretched belly without any elasticity, the skin will not improve in the end. You will have to remove drooping tissue to fix the line and elasticity to achieve the best result.

  4. Suture

    Suture line is located on the lower abdomen, so it can be easily covered by any underwear and the scar at the spot will fade away as time goes by.

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