Orthognathic Surgeries

Orthognathic Surgeries are very common in Korea as a good mouth, teeth and chin shape can make so much of a difference aesthetically.The jaw-correction surgery or chin-correction surgery, orthognathic surgery surgically corrects our upper jaw (maxillary bone) and also our lower jaw (mandibular bone). For the case of protruding or asymmetrical jaws that are not functioning well or is not positioned correctly, the upper and lower jaws are cut and relocated to fix aesthetic and speech problems as well as to bring convenience to everyday life.

Nowadays in Korea, orthognathic surgeries have improved a lot comparing to the past. Traditional orthognathic surgery usually required a very long treatment period and recovery process for fixing serious jaw deformation and is now rapidly developing into a common and advanced aesthetic surgery that creates a beautiful face by providing a more stable result.

Traditional orthognathic surgery – Patients who wish to receive the surgery are required to correct their teeth line for 1 year~1 year and 6 months through orthodontic treatment before surgery. After cutting the jaw bones, jaw fixation process is taken place to hold the upper and lower jaws for almost about 1 month. Then finally can go finishing when orthodontic treatment wraps up the process.

Orthognathic Surgeries Nowadays in Korea – Now surgery are improved and advanced including reduced pain; minimized treatment period and the pain throughout the treatment process etc. And even more, there are now some top hospitals that can detach bones without jaw fixation for patients who have difficult time recovering due to the fixation that disables their mouths from opening during the fixation period.

Mandibular Surgery

Mandibular Surgery cuts the back of the jaw bone and holds the overlapping part in order to move the entire protruded or deformed mandibular jaw to the right place. Since only the mandibular jaw is moved for its occlusion with maxillary bone, it reduces the surgical area by 50% compared to orthognathic surgery that moves both upper and lower jaws.

In Korea, there are now mainly two major methods to perform the surgery:

Lower jaw surgery is an effective procedure that cuts, setback and fix the lower jaw in a new position to treat mandibular prognathism.The two ways are 'Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy(SSRO)' and 'Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy(IVRO)'. We will consult and examine the condrecommend SSRO rather than IVRO, since the former has shortened healing periods with wider contact areas between the cut bones which leads superior bone healing, and is also better on the aspect of esthetics.

Operate osteotomy on the lower jaw Move lower jaw after osteotomy and trim protruded jaw Fasten the bones after osteotomy

Do I need a Mandibular surgery? You might need it if:

  1. The tip of the chin protrudes, and the mouth looks like as if it is toothless, causing malocclusion.

  2. Only the tip of the lower jaw is protruding while the patient does not have malocclusion.

  3. The lower jaw is too wide and long.

  4. Facial Asymmetry and Mandibular Prognathism

Most of the time, people have malocclusion will lead to a lot of serious conditions, causing difficulty of food intake and chronic digestive disorder. Also, a lot of them have a very bad teeth condition. Lower jaw is overly developed, which causes a long or protruded chin that doesn’t look good.

Benefits of mandibular surgery

  • No need to get both upper and lower jaws
  • Same effect as orthognathic surgery
  • Hospitalization period is shorter than double jaw surgery
  • Recovery time and surgical risk are shorter than double jaw surgery

Mouth Protrusion Correction Surgery

Mouth Protrusion Correction surgery is recommended for those people with protruding gums, not protruded teeth. Each molar behind the two incisors will be removed. Ulitis (Gum bone) are cut off and the bones are pushed in. It is effective for highly protruded mouth with severe gum protrusion.

If you are suffering from the conditions below:

  • Protrusion exceeds 4mm
  • Gum is unhealthy to undergo orthodontic treatment
  • Gum protrusion is severe
  • Gummy smile with a lot of upper gum showing
  • Wrong position of jaw tip
  • Wants significant difference in short time
  • Infranasal depression is long or looks long

Surgeons working with SeoulMade have a lot of experience in handling tricky cases and there are different scenarios requiring different ways of help. Before consulting with doctors, you can also do some simple self-checkups to briefly evaluate your condition too.

In which only the mouth protrudes and the face is not long

The facial shape is normal and only the mouth protrudes. In this case, teeth extraction and ASO can achieve great results

In which both mouth protrusion and short chin are experienced

The mouth looks more protruded because of a short chin.

The degree of protrusion varies for the upper and lower teeth, so teeth extraction will only make the mouth look more pursed. So in this case, two-jaw surgery is recommended.

In which both mouth protrusion and long face are experienced

When mouth protrusion is accompanied by a long face, the gums show when smiling and the mouth is not able to shut completely naturally. In some cases, mouth protrusion is not that serious. If the long face is not corrected, the face will look even longer. So in this case, two-jaw surgery is recommended.

In which protrusion of the mouth and the whole lower jaw is experienced

The entire lower jaw below the nose is protruding, giving a very masculine image. Two-jaw surgery that sets back the mouth and the lower jaw is recommended.

Revision Orthognathic Surgery

In the past, there have been a lot of cases that need revision surgeries.There might be wrong diagnosis (Cases of receiving different surgery although patient needed double jaw surgery), for example: Patient was diagnosed wrong or was afraid and received other surgery but not satisfied with the results, patient has a protruding chin or microgenia but received a mouth protrusion correction surgery without satisfying results etc.

Or it might be wrong operation (Side effects and unsatisfactory results even after two-jaw surgery), for example: Nerve damage, muscle damage or other side effects have been caused during the surgery and other serious condition etc.

It has been quite a lot of difficulties in the past, such as Jaw bones have been already incised and iIt is difficult to make another incision for shape and symmetry; Facial anatomy including the jaw bones, nerves, muscles, and skin tissues are already transformed etc.

But now in Korea, the technology and skills on surgery has improved a lot comparing to the past:

So, it is very important to look for the right place for orthognathic surgery and in all the hospitals that are working with SeouldMade will make sure:

  • Before the surgery, the whole professional medical team plans the surgery through an in-depth discussion.
  • After the surgery, the medical team reviews surgical results and do daily checkup on your recovery progress
  • Treats patients with the latest technology
  • Comprehensive check-up system for precise diagnosis and runs emergency system
  • 100% safe anesthesia through real-time monitoring, doctor’s regular rounds during patient’s recovery

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